the story of one man’s D-Day

D-Day: Dropped off-target, lost behind enemy lines, a British paratroop squad is wiped-out
leaving PRIVATE JOHNNY BARROWS scared, inexperienced, and alone.

After days of avoiding German platoons he’s found by a rag-tag band of three
dysfunctional British soldiers;

MURPHY, their self-proclaimed leader - a vicious, controlling sociopath.

FILEY, his avid follower - hyperactive and child-like since receiving a head-wound.

ROCK, a shell-shocked muscular US private. He lives in a silent trance-like state only able to function
if give orders.

In the middle of the growing tension between Johnny and Murphy, the group manage to capture STURMBANNFÜHRER DICHEIM, a seasoned, cold-hearted, manipulative SS officer.
Dicheim picks-away at the growing tensions, biding his time until he has an opportunity to escape.

Johnny must grow-up quickly - become a leader - if he is to survive and reach safety.

Running time: 96 mins